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First Class Honours Economics Scholar

Author of 3 Economics Study Guides and Workbooks for A Levels and IB Examinations. Economics tuition by Mr Hong the Econs Tutor, 1st Class Honours in Economics. Several No.1 book prizes & PSC scholarship awards. Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize, NUS Economics Society Book Prize for being the No. 1 Undergrad in Economics, Singapore National Employers’ Federation Silver Medal (2nd best undergraduate in the entire Faculty), PSC Humanities Scholarship, NUS Valedictorian, Chairperson of National Economics Quiz Committee, Finalist in International Economics Essay Competition and many other awards and prizes. Ex RI/RJC. Besides experience in teaching, training and coaching (including top biz executives), Mr Hong was a senior policy maker and also a successful entrepreneur (featured in Channel News Asia & The Straits Times). This unique combination (both micro and macro perspectives) has helped many students gain deep insights into how Firms operate and compete, and how Governments formulate and weigh different policy options. His ability to help students really learn, really understand, gain insights and apply has enabled 80%-90% to score an A for their A-levels. Call Mr Hong at 9336 7511.

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